Penetration testing according to the latest knowledge of IT security research

Every second company is a victim of cybercrime these days, because every vulnerability in the system, no matter how small, will eventually be exploited by hackers. These attacks often go undetected for a long time, which can cause millions of dollars in damage.
Therefore, perform regular penetration tests before an incident occurs!

Detect and fix vulnerabilities before an attack

Our focus is on auditing a wide range of applications and identifying potential security risks, as well as safeguarding your company with our recommended measures. With this type of auditing, you can continue to enjoy all the benefits of global networking and gain the trust of your customers.

Types of Pentests

Web Application
Web penetration tests offer you the possibility to specifically test the vulnerability of web applications. Be it an online store or the login to a web application of your company.
Network Penetration
A penetration test of your network can detect exploitable vulnerabilities in your entire network. This includes your routers or switches as well as the connections between the systems and other components, depending on your network design.
Software Penetration
When testing your software, we can verify safe memory usage or handling of sensitive data, among other things. We can also test for security best practices, analysis the development process and do in-depth code reviews. We will happily discuss further individual test options with you.
Black Box
We completely take the perspective of an external attacker and start with no prior information or credentials in this approach.
White Box
In this scenario, you provide our experts with all relevant information about your company's IT infrastructure in advance.
Grey Box
The grey box approach is a hybrid of the two previous scenarios. In this scenario, the pentester receives certain information, e.g., about the infrastructure or certain defense mechanisms.

5 good reasons to do a pentest

Preventive identification of vulnerabilities and points of attack
Pentests can be used to demonstrate the security of applications and infrastructure to customers and regulators
Network downtime can be reduced and remediation costs avoided
Detailed reporting and concrete recommendation for the elimination of weaknesses
Regular pentests increase the resistance to real attacks

Pentesting - Process